unfortunate Exemples

  • Exemples de unfortunate
    1. Luckily for these unfortunate forgottens, New Year is approaching, a time when, despite the intuitions of the calendar, our thoughts often turn to the past.
    2. By the promptings of religious instinct and principle, our churches have been built and our asylums founded, and charity full-handed has bestowed her lavish gifts upon the unfortunate.
    3. The undertrained zookeeper met with an unfortunate fate.
    4. It is unfortunate that the bimeter cannot be used in dentulous cases.
    5. 2011 April 24, Kevin McKenna, “Labour needs to challenge Alex Salmond – and quickly”[2], The Guardian: Gray possesses an unfortunate East of Scotland birr that suggests a 21-year-old student interviewing for his first job.
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