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    1. All the voters were anxious to hear the election result. ‎
    2. As a result of the lawsuit, the school adopted a colorblind admissions policy.
    3. Kathleen Reardon, 25, a production coordinator for Jones Apparel Group, said she noticed that Wall Street men seemed more stressed as a result of the economy but she never found them less dateable.
    4. a deliberate opinion; a deliberate measure or result
    5. The result is not an image of the natural world in a tapestry but a depiction of nature as a tapestry: a splendid, impenetrable, depthless screen of shivering pixels.
    6. In America alone, people spent $170 billion on “direct marketing”—junk mail of both the physical and electronic varieties—last year. Yet of those who received unsolicited adverts through the post, only 3% bought anything as a result.
  • Exemples de results
    1. In this case, the HABC results infer long-term persistence of populations in isolated refugia for all three species, even when allowing for postisolation migration.
    2. The clearest lesson is that the F.D.A. needs the power to demand adequate postmarketing studies and the resources to analyze the results.
    3. This production, which takes all the focus I can muster in my precaffeinated haze, results in about two ounces of good, strong coffee.
    4. These are just the preliminary results.
    5. in the present study, the present article, the present results.
    6. She demanded that an unbiased election commission be appointed, and accused the government of downright robbery, saying that it planned to rig the results by transferring thousands of prestamped ballots to stuff ballot boxes in the provinces.
    7. The results of the field survey look random by several different measures.
    8. He was rapt with his exam results.
    9. The satisfactory results of the survey led to his promotion.
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    1. But Ireland dug out a gutsy response and applied pressure which resulted in number eight Heaslip diving over in the corner to revive home hopes.
    2. Rhodium(II) octanoate catalyzed decomposition of (R)-pantolactone derivative 13a in the presence of alkenes resulted in cyclopropanation with up to 97% de.
    3. In England and Wales, this has resulted in significant regional variations (Table 3.4) with the Anglian region returning the highest proportions of embanked and resectioned river channels.
    4. "The upcasing of the string 'foo' to be all upper case letters resulted in 'FOO'."
    5. His vainness resulted in his perpetual mirror staring.
    6. The ravages of war decimated the country: death, destruction and pestilence resulted from the bombings.
    7. The Armistice meetings held at Panmunjom from 1951 to 1953 resulted in the cessation of hostilities in the peninsula.
    8. This optimized P145-ST reaction was applied successfully for α(2,6)-sialylation of asialofetuin, and this resulted in a large increase in the populations of multi-sialylated N-glycans compared with the reaction without addition of AP and CMP-Neu5Ac.
  • Exemples de resulting
    1. For metal dopants, the surfactant can be removed by calcining the greenbody, resulting in an anchored metal silicate.
    2. The proposed liberation of our largely undeveloped economy goes too far — the resulting foreign dominance of our markets would make us a heterarchy.
    3. Like almost everyone else in her world, Aya records everything she does with the help of a semi-sentient hovercam (a sort of floating soccer ball that's a cross between R2D2 and Weegee), using the resulting footage to boost her face rank.
    4. While the resulting ice balls make a dramatic visual statement, their size and shape also serve a functional purpose, chilling the cocktail with little meltage.
    5. The building's architect failed to account for natural light availability and specified more lighting fixtures than needed, resulting in over-illumination and leading to increased headache incidence for some building occupants.
    6. Pressure built beneath the plug in the caldera, eventually resulting in a catastrophic explosion of pyroclastic shrapnel and ash.
    7. Another objective of refactorization is to factor out repeated coding patterns into new abstractions and thus avoid their repetition resulting in less code to maintain.
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