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  • Exemples de particularly
    1. With her aching back and pronounced limp, she was feeling particularly seedy today.
    2. One particularly eye-catching shot is a heroic portrait of the stalwart men who built the Williamsburg next to one of its caissons, the shaftlike structures that permit construction under water.
    3. Reagan thought Kemp was particularly uncollaborative and unhelpful.
    4. Field sampling is driven by the model predictions to cover both predicted refugia and unstable (recently colonized) areas, particularly emphasizing previously undersampled areas.
    5. The lawyer and twice-divorced mother of three had presented herself as the modern face of her party, trying to strip it of unsavoury overtones after her father's convictions for saying the Nazi occupation of France was not "particularly inhumane".
    6. Like the time Mitt Romney ran against Ted Kennedy for the Senate during one of Kennedy’s particularly unslender periods.
    7. Samples often are lost from unsubbed slides, particularly during the hybridization step.
    8. Analysts are skeptical about the way China's stocks are valued, particularly those like PetroChina with huge amounts of untradable government shares.
    9. To further this end, the speculators also distributed subshares to other prominent Georgians, particularly those whose actions might carry weight in the upcountry.
    10. His frequent quips mark him as particularly witty. ‎
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