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    1. Among diverse chemical agents applied in SDT, hematoporphyrin monomethyl ether (HMME) is particular popular as a sonosensitizer due to its optimal optical properties and satisfactory preferential retention in tissue [11 ].
    2. Of particular note, although ketamine is normally considered a locomotor stimulant at subanesthetic doses, we have found locomotor depressant effects at very low subanesthetic doses.
    3. In particular, our attention turns to multiplicative loops which have either a normal subloop of positive dimension or which contain a $1$-dimensional compact subgroup.
    4. In particular, we give an analytical identification of the mechanisms responsible for the supernarrow peaks observed recently in the spectrum of a mechanical realization of the system.
    5. This tour-goer stopped everyone in their tracks when she told of seeing a family in the attic window many times prior to this particular night.
    6. "There wasn't," Alford protested, simple-heartedly. Then he recollected his sophistication to say: "Unless its being of that particular shade between brown and red was wrong."
    7. Each team will have 30 minutes (or some fixed about of time) to plan and create a Pecha Kucha on [name a particular topic]
    8. Symmetric quincunx tight framelets constructed by both approaches in this paper are of particular interest for their applications in computer graphics and image processing..
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    1. We have dealt with the generals; now let us turn to the particulars.
    2. But its particulars are nontheoretical enough to be distracting.
    3. When we examine common words, we find that, broadly speaking, proper names stand for particulars, while other substantives, adjectives, prepositions, and verbs stand for universals.
    4. Neither will time permit to circumstantiate these particulars, which I have only touched in the general. — State Trials (1661).
    5. The overall plan is well understood, but we still have to work out the particulars.
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