• La succession, d'une manière générale, est une série de personnes, de choses ou d'événements qui se succèdent, La succession, en droit, désigne généralement la transmission du patrimoine d'une personne décédée. Le terme est parfois utilisé, à tort,
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    1. An act of following in sequence.
      1. A sequence of things in order.
        1. Villa spent most of the second period probing from wide areas and had a succession of corners but despite their profligacy they will be glad to overturn the 6-0 hammering they suffered at St James' Park in August following former boss Martin O'Neill's departure
      2. A passing of royal powers.
        1. A group of rocks or strata that succeed one another in chronological order.
          1. OBS (rare) The person who succeeds to rank or office; a successor or heir.
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              • But Torres's afternoon was to take a turn for the worse for a second week in succession as he was shown a straight red card by referee Mike Dean for a two-footed challenge on Gower.
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              • Succession is a major issue in current pond conservation management since it may eventually result in the loss of valuable habitats due to terrestrialization, especially in eutrophicated systems.
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              • The home team appeared to have the advantage throughout the game, and finally capitalized on their opponents' weakness with just two minutes remaining, scoring several points in quick succession.

          Meaning of succession for the defined word.

          Grammaticalement, ce mot "succession" est un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms dénombrable et un singularia tantum.
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            1. Noms
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                • Singularia tantum
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