Le mot du jour
  1. Nom
    • A moving disturbance in the level of a body of water; an undulation.
    • (physics) A moving disturbance in the energy level of a field.
    • A shape that alternatingly curves in opposite directions.
    • (figuratively) A sudden unusually large amount of something that is temporarily experienced.
    • A sideway movement of the hand(s).
    • A group activity in a crowd imitating a wave going through water, where people in successive parts of the crowd stand and stretch upward, then sit. Usually referred to as "the wave".
  2. Verbe
    • (intransitive) To move back and forth repeatedly.
    • (intransitive) To wave one’s hand in greeting or departure.
    • (intransitive) To have an undulating or wavy form.
    • (transitive) To raise into inequalities of surface; to give an undulating form or surface to.
    • (transitive) To produce waves to the hair.
    • (intransitive, baseball) To swing and miss at a pitch.
    • (transitive) To cause to move back and forth repeatedly.
    • (transitive) To signal (someone or something) with a waving movement.
    • (intransitive, obsolete) To fluctuate; to waver; to be in an unsettled state.
    • To move like a wave, or by floating; to waft.
    • To call attention to, or give a direction or command to, by a waving motion, as of the hand; to signify by waving; to beckon; to signal; to indicate.
    • Obsolete spelling of waive.
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  • There were 22 schools on the hotlist to close, consolidate or be turned around.